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Community Meeting Rooms


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Pardon our dust! The Huron Public Library is excited to announce a plan to remodel two meeting rooms this fall. Because of this, the Library will not be accepting room reservations during the months of SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER. Small groups can still meet without reservations in the Library’s common spaces and study rooms. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to patrons or presenters.

Community usage of meeting rooms at the Huron Public Library is encouraged when the rooms are not being used for Library activities. Before using a room for meetings, a delegate from the group must sign a copy of the Meeting Room Guidelines and give the signed form to a Library supervisor. Failure to do so or failure to comply to these guidelines may lead to groups being unable to use the rooms at future dates. Some decisions regarding usage may be made at the discretion of the Director. Feel free to call the Library at (419) 433-5009 and speak with a supervisor if you have a question about an event.


Room reservations will be made with a supervisor or by the Director at least 24 hours in advance of the event. Room set up will be done by the Library staff as requested when the room reservation is made. CLICK HERE to access the Meeting Room Guideline form that must be signed and given to a supervisor before room use.


Meetings may be held during the hours that the Library is open, with exceptions made by the Director.

Meeting Room A

Maximum Occupancy: 60

Common uses: presentations, large meetings, discussion groups, panels or debates, films

Available equipment: projector, sound system, TV, DVD player, whiteboard, tables, chairs, podium with microphone/speaker




Meeting Room B

Maximum Occupancy: 30

Common uses: arts and crafts, food and cooking programs, classroom uses, smaller presentations

Available equipment: projector, sound system, TV, DVD player, whiteboard, tables, chairs, podium with microphone/speaker




Board Room

Maximum Occupancy: 10

Common uses: executive meetings, small group presentations, group webinars

Available equipment: projector, sound system, TV, DVD Player, whiteboard



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