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Huron Storytellers


Huron Storytellers was a local history project that existed to document, archive, and make publicly available oral records of local human knowledge, experience, and character and to preserve that record for the education and enjoyment of generations to come. One story was shared each month, beginning in September of 2013. A DVD was made available for circulation that includes all three episodes.


Huron Storytellers was produced by Aporia-Rhizome Productions in partnership with the Huron Public Library. Special thanks are in order to the Huron Historical Society for providing stunning photographs from their archives and to the Sandusky Register for permission to feature images from that publication.



Episode 01

In the Flood of 1969

As told by Maurine Orndorff

Episode 02

The Erie County Underwater Recovery Team

As told by Ray Zahniser

Episode 3

Death and Peach Brandy

As told by Mary Ann Bencivengo

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