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The Book Exchange: Popular and Eclectic

Director's Cut: Non-Fiction Book Club

The Mystery Book Group

Socrates Cafe: Community Discussion Group

The Book Exchange

Join fellow readers on the third Thursday of each month at 7 pm. Books are selected by the group on an annual basis. To join the Book Exchange for one or all of their discussions, call (419) 433-5009, email huron@huronlibrary.org or visit the Library today.
Select Thursdays at 7 pm

kitchens_midwest.jpgKitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal
September 21 at 7 pm

Eva Thorvald, abandoned by her mother, is raised by her father, a Minnesota native, who loves food. He teaches her to find solace and salvation in the many flavors of the Midwest. She becomes a star chef behind a legendary supper club. Each chapter of this book tells a story of a single dish and the rise of a foodie culture that creates community. This book also explores the unexpected mother-daughter story about the bittersweet nature of life.


A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron
October 19 at 7 pmdogs_purpose.jpg

This is an emotional and funny story of a dog’s many lives and a dog’s-eye view of human relationships. It tells of the unbreakable bonds between man and man’s best friend. It shares the surprising story of one devoted dog who was born for a purpose. The story is heartwarming, insightful and often funny.


invention_of_wings.jpgInvention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd
November 16 at 7 pm

Handful Grimke, is an urban slave in early nineteenth century Charleston. Sarah is the eleven-year-old daughter of the Grimke family who is given ten-year-old Handful as Sarah’s handmaid. Both girls shape each other’s destinies over the next thirty-five years as they strive for lives of their own. As both women together endure loss, sorrow and betrayal, they find their way in the world. Sarah joins her sister Angelina and becomes a pioneer in the abolition and women’s rights movements. Inspired by the historical figure of Sarah Grimke, this is the story of the struggles of women in turn of the nineteenth century America.

Director's Cut: Non-Fiction Book Club

Join the Director in this book group which focuses on non-fiction works of interest. To join the Director's Cut Book Club for one or all of their discussions, call (419) 433-5009, email huron@huronlibrary.org or visit the Library today.
Select Wednesdays at 3 pmsmall_wonder.jpg

Small Wonder by Barbara Kingsolver
September 27 at 3 pm

Small Wonder, a collection of essays from Barbara Kingsolver, shares the same rich language, thoughtfulness, and love of the natural world as her novels. In this collection, Kingsolver introduces readers to wide ranging and intellectual conversations loosely based around our place and responsibility to the planet and thoughtful responses to living in post 9/11 America.

dreamland.jpgDreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic by Sam Quinones
October 25 at 3 pm

If it feels like Ohio is ground zero for the exponential opioid epidemic, Sam Quinones’ narrative nonfiction reporting may confirm that viewpoint. In Dreamland, Quinones uses Portsmouth, Ohio as an example of a common problem across the US- the devastation of American small towns from opioid abuse. In his reporting, Quinones unveils a distribution system of black tar heroin from Mexico and the west coast and the rampant marketing of OxyContin in the 1990’s to be at the crux of the epidemic. Dreamland is a timely, topical, and revealing account of a scourge facing Americans in all walks of life.

Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinowsubliminal.jpg
November 15 at 3 pm

Read between the lines. Over the past two decades, neurological research suggests our perception, behavior, memory, and social judgement is largely driven by the mind’s subliminal processes rather than conscious thought.  In Subliminal, Leonard Mlodinow, coauthor of The Grand Design, employs his signature concise, accessible explanations of the most obscure scientific subjects to unravel the complexities of the subliminal mind.


The Mystery Book Group

This group meets monthly (January - November) on select Mondays at 7 PM. Books are chosen with input from the group. To join the Mystery Book Group for one or all of their discussions, call (419) 433-5009, email huron@huronlibrary.org or visit the Library today.
Select Mondays at 7 pm

vertigo_42.jpgVertigo 42 by Martha Grimes
September 18 at 7 pm

Vertigo 42, a bar on the forty-second floor of an office building in London’s financial district, is the location of a meeting between Richard Jury and Tom Williamson. Despite inconclusive evidence, Tom is convinced his wife, Tess, was murdered seventeen years ago.  The police were sure that Tess’s death was accidental—a direct result of vertigo. Richard Jury and his sidekick Sergeant Wiggins agree to re-examine the case and as more people end up dead, they must determine if all the deaths are related to Tess’s death so many years ago.


Fall from Grace by Richard North Pattersonfall_from_grace.jpg
October 16 at 7 pm

Ben Blaine, a famous writer, has died from an inexplicable fall off a cliff near his home. Adam, Ben’s estranged son, arrives on the island of Martha’s Vineyard to find his mother distraught and his brother and uncle disinherited. Adam probes his father’s secrets and finds evidence that his father may have been murdered. Adam also meets his father’s mistress, Carla Pacelli, a beautiful television actress who once had a drug problem. Ben Blaine has left Carla everything thus causing a lot of stress for Adam’s mother. Adam must uncover what really happened to his father and what are Ben’s secrets all the while trying to break the will. This tight psychological thriller will keep readers guessing until the last page.

cold_day.jpgA Cold Day in Paradise by Steve Hamilton
November 20 at 7 pm

This book won both the Edgar and Shamus awards for Best First Novel, launching Steve Hamilton into the top ranks of today's crime writers.  In this book, former Detroit cop Alex McKnight, nearly died at the crime scene that took his partner’s life. He now lives with a bullet lodged near his heart but he is comforted by the knowledge that the man convicted of the crimes has been locked away for years. Now McKnight is in the small town of Paradise, Michigan where he lives peaceably until a murderer with the same unmistakable trademark appears to be back. Only Alex ever knew the details of the old murders and now he has to unravel the truth behind the current murders.                                                                                                  


Socrates Cafe: Community Discussion Group

Huron Public Library is proud to present a monthly meeting of the grass roots community discussion movement, Socrates Café. The group is moderated by Jarret Pervola, professor of philosophy and the arts at Lorain County Community College. Pervola brought the concept to the Library in 2011. It is now entering its fourth successful year.

Summer Dates: Wednesdays- September 20, October 18, and November 15 at 7 pm

While dates are determined in advance on a season-by-season basis, discussion topics are not. Socrates Café is, in the spirit of its great philosophical namesake, concerned with allowing the participants of the regular discussions to determine the ongoing course of their conversations. Each month's topic flows out of the preceding meeting's conversation and hence the interests and concerns of those participating.


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