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Live Music: Matthew Keeler


Sunday, October 20 at 3 pm

Music Antiquarian


Although Matt started off playing pre-WWII blues and spirituals on guitar, he is seldom satisfied with doing one thing for long. If there is a common thread running through it all, his music is a testimony to the transcendent power of America's imagined past; it allows people to understand the history of American music in a way that is personally meaningful. To this end, he likes to explore various traditional and historic styles, including ragtime, Appalachian music, and traditional music from the British Isles. He also continues to perfect his performance skills on a variety of instruments (the hurdy gurdy, the mandolin, and, most recently, the button accordion) in an effort to broaden his listener's ears and his own expressive palate.


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Live with the FRIENDS is brought to you by the Friends of the Huron Public Library in collaboration with area musicians and music students.

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